We help build local solutions for global challenges.

Urban innovation is held back by silos, inefficient systems and misaligned incentives.

CIV:LAB facilitates collaboration between city actors to succeed in tackling urban problems.

Our Projects

We have a dynamic set of projects underway at any point

Rather than stick to a template, we let the need of the hour guide our process. Below is a selection of our most impactful initiatives.

Our Events

We curate civic studios around pressing urban issues

Civic Studios are strategically curated sessions that assemble groups of change makers to discuss pressing issues that face their cities.


Beyond a forum for targeted discussion and ideation, Studios serve as incubators for initiatives that carry forth the solutions fostered in the session.


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Our Services

The building blocks of our ecosystems

  • Project creation and management
  • Partnership model development
Market and Applied Research
  • Local and global market research leveraging network and market position
  • Applied research, insights and data for investors and commerce strategizers
  • Local and global event organization
  • Civic Studios
  • Workshops, roundtables and conferences
Strategic Advisory
  • Marketing and communications
  • Ecosystem design
  • Collateral and website building