CIV:LAB utilizes its position as a bridge builder to channel funding in the form of grants from bigger corporate and philanthropic organizations, to organizations and communities on the frontlines of climate change.

CIV:LAB developed and launched its grantmaking Climate Fund in 2022, giving out unrestricted, one-time grants to projects and organizations working on place-based climate education, climate workforce development, and climate technology solutions.

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We built the Climate Fund in direct response to an observed need for more grant funding directed towards climate change. Our work as place-based conveners opened our eyes to the importance of local and hyperlocal climate solutions, and the critical need for more funding to be directed towards such work.

Our research and conversations surfaced an overwhelming need for unrestricted funding – that isn’t locked into specific programming – as people and organizations cited overheads, salaries and flexible funding to be critical to furthering ever-evolving and impactful work.


The Climate Fund’s decision making process – inspired by the Participatory Grantmaking movement – is driven by the local climate community in each place the Fund is active in. Advisory Committees made up of local climate leaders and people who work and live on the frontlines of the climate crisis make final funding decisions, with CIV:LAB being a neutral entity.

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Who and Where

The Climate Fund is currently active in New York City, Michigan, and LA County. We have given grants to 24 organizations that make up a kaleidoscope of local climate action.

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