Events and Strategic Convenings

We bring together cross-sector stakeholders to strengthen local networks of climate leaders and facilitate networking, the cross-pollination of ideas, and collaboration.

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From the most casual form of bringing people together over drinks to organizing tailored workshops based on our network’s interests and conferences convening climate leaders, we leverage events and convenings to strengthen local climate networks to advance innovation and change.

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:Different Types of Convenings

Casual Networking Opportunities

This includes happy hours convening local stakeholders, breakfasts to facilitate networking and showcase the work of climate organizations, and even hangouts in a park!

Trainings and Workshops

We organize trainings and workshops on subjects brought to us by CIV:LAB grantee organizations or members of our network to provide information, tools, and resources that can help advance the work of local climate organizations and leaders. These can be held in person or virtual and typically are about 1-2 hours.


CIV:LAB partners with higher education institutions and others to organize conferences convening leaders in specific fields to address how cities can tackle some of civilization’s most pressing issues.

:Previous Events

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Events and Convenings New York City

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