CIV:LAB’s Climate Fund awards unrestricted one-time grants to organizations working on place-based climate solutions. We specifically support projects and programs that focus on education, workforce development, and technology in the climate space. By equipping people with the knowledge, skills, and solutions to tackle climate change, we can ensure a sustained positive impact together.

CIV:LAB currently supports initiatives in New York City, the state of Michigan, and Los Angeles, with additional U.S. locations to be added in 2024.

Our Process

Who We Support
We support organizations and programs that are prioritizing equity, environmental justice, and economic development through their climate initiatives.

  • Nonprofits/NGOs
  • Community-based organizations 
  • Government programs and initiatives
  • Academic programs and initiatives
  • Startups

Grant Amounts
Our grantees receive unrestricted, one-time grants that range in size from $10,000 to $100,000.

Inclusive and Distributive Decision-Making

Our Climate Fund selection process is a collaborative effort in partnership with local Additional Reviewers and Advisory Committees with climate expertise, deep knowledge of local community perspectives, and connections to local climate efforts.

  • Additional Reviewers provide valuable insight into evaluating grant applications with consideration for the social, economic, and environmental impact of the proposed initiatives.
  • Advisory Committees represent various local communities and areas of climate expertise and experience, and determine the final distribution of CIV:LAB funding.

Local advisory committees help guide decision-making and grant-making allocation. In doing so, CIV:LAB is:

  • Making use of existing local climate communities
  • Encouraging cross-sector collaboration
  • Building connections across and within local communities
  • Developing long-term, transformative change
  • Supporting a variety of organizations as they scale efforts

Where We Are

Los Angeles

Coming Soon

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Advisory Committee Members

CIV:LAB recruits Advisory Committee members to represent ecosystems they are part of while guiding CIV:LAB Climate Fund decision-making. Members will be local climate leaders who will use their expertise and credibility to champion climate initiatives and support impact-driven climate action through grant-making with CIV:LAB. 

Members of the Advisory Committee will provide CIV:LAB with diverse knowledge of community perspectives, connections to local climate efforts, and guidance on strategy for the Climate Fund’s future endeavors.

We are currently recruiting advisory committee members for the Los Angeles Climate Fund. If you’re interested in participating, please complete the Interest Form below.

Additional Reviewers

CIV:LAB recruits people who are interested in serving as community reviewers of grant proposals submitted for the Climate Fund. Additional reviewers read and evaluate grant applications in their technical or impact area of expertise. We are asking reviewers to commit to reading 10 applications over two grant cycles.

We are currently recruiting community reviewers for the Los Angeles Climate Fund. If you’re interested in participating, please complete the Interest Form below.

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Philanthropy is falling behind as the devastating effects of the climate crisis accelerate. In 2020, less than 2% of all donations went to environmental groups.

Even as funders begin to shift their attention to climate action, the processes and networks that deploy those resources have not adapted to the urgency of the situation. While this existential threat to humanity is global in scale, progress must begin at the local level.

That’s where CIV:LAB comes in. The mission of our organization is to fund local climate action, bringing benefits that will radiate across social and geographic boundaries, because meaningful climate action demands environmental justice.

Don’t let the climate crisis win. Become a funder for a community climate organization now.

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