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Challenges, Together

We Value Collaboration as the Driver for Social Innovation

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Collaborative and community-driven change will be the difference-maker in the fight against crises facing civilization

CIV:LAB catalyzes locally-led responses to global challenges, namely the climate crisis. We believe that the cross pollination of thought and action across sectoral silos is the only way to devise and grow the impact of urgently needed solutions. We enable this through:

  • Bringing together and facilitating the collaboration of local leaders to grow community-centered climate and developmental initiatives
  • Strengthening the cohesion of local ecosystems of actors through grantmaking, studios, events and strategic convenings
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in Grants in just over 1 year

We’ve distributed $1.5m in grants to 24 grantee organizations.


Event Attendees Annually

Our events are attended by over 1,000 people each year.



Ranging in topic within climate, urban technology and innovation.

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