CIV:LAB is a curated network for urban innovation.

We connect diverse local innovators from government, academia, business, and neighborhoods; within their cities and around the world.

Global Challenges

The world needs sustainable solutions for tackling global issues:

  • Global Environmental Crisis
  • COVID-19/Global Public Health Access
  • Economic Inequality, Human Rights and Access to Justice
  • Global Food Access
  • Population Growth + Resource Depletion
  • Global Humanitarian Crises

By 2050, the world’s urban population is expected to grow by over 2.5B people, with 70% of humanity dwelling in cities.

Local Solutions

We help cities tackle the crises facing civilization.

Our model accelerates urban innovation by connecting entrepreneurs, city departments, academia, business, and community leaders within cities and around the world to identify urban problems, solve them, and scale those solutions. 

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