An innovative grantmaking network that channels global funds and resources directly to community climate initiatives


We connect local actors with the resources and funding required to launch bold responses to the threats of climate change. CIV:LAB aims to expand the climate workforce, educate future climate leaders, accelerate industrial decarbonization, and provide aid to the organizations that are taking action against climate change in their own communities.

Our Impact


Central to any project that contributes to the climate-fit economy are outcomes that impact the environment. Key areas of impact include:

Climate mitigation

Reducing emissions or developing sinks to extract emissions from the atmosphere. Initiatives may range from technical solutions to reduce emissions to programs that promote less carbon-intensive behaviors.

Climate change adaptation

Increasing adaptive capacity against climate change. For example, reducing impacts of droughts, flooding, or crop damage.

Energy (reduction/efficiency)

Shifting energy practices, either by reducing energy use or developing greater efficiency.

Wider environmental impact

Climate impact does not happen in isolation. Our initiatives may address areas including biodiversity, soil, water quality, and waste reduction.


Economic and employment outcomes are not only about financial or growth metrics (e.g., GDP or FTEs), but more comprehensive outcomes for equity and sustainability. Key economic outcomes include:

Increased quality employment

Creating jobs that empower employees through terms of employment; pay and benefits; health, safety and wellbeing; work-life balance; and worker representation.​

​Improved local economic conditions

Contributing to the local economy by being locally-specific, creating economic diversity, and providing community stability.

Reduced inequality

Addressing the issue of economic inequality, both at a macro-level (working towards equal access to affordable education) or micro-level (ensuring there is no gender pay gap).

Improved climate talent

Fostering climate talent, developing skills and knowledge in the population that can help tackle climate-related challenges.


Climate initiatives must have social and community outcomes integrated at their core to ensure a just and green transition. Socially, climate initiatives may impact:

Community resilience

Addressing areas of vulnerability, bolstering preparedness, and improving communications and relationships across communities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Pursuing outreach work, awareness-raising activities, knowledge-sharing, and signposting of resources as well as internal employment practices.

Health and wellbeing

Promoting public health and wellbeing by training communities around climate-related trauma, improving access and connection to nature, or developing technical products that enhance physical health.


Working with the community to increase the ability of people to participate in and feel empowered by local governance.

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