Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19 on NYC Communities

Along with NYU CUSP, the NYCEDC, Urbantech NYC and Public Sentiment, CIV:LAB is working to leverage urban data from new and existing sources to help local government and organizations the city identify and address a variety of social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic, looking at the City as a whole, with an in-depth focus on one specific community. The various members of the Grid will then be tasked to solve the underlying issues that are unearthed through the data.

Covid Case Tracking: Red Hook

A collaboration with Grid partners The Red Hook Initiative and Cornell Tech. Working together to collect covid-19 symptoms information by leveraging neighborhood and community engagement organizations and building a platform to analyze that data so medical professionals can respond to members of the Red Hook Community with symptoms to provide them assistance

The Grid: Nyc’s Urban Tech Innovation Collaborative

One of New York City’s greatest assets is the sheer diversity of its people. And so it is for the NYC innovators looking to transform their city with technology. The Grid’s more than 120 member organizations, led as a partnership between CIV:LAB and the NYCEDC, bring together many diverse insights from nonprofits to venture capital firms, the Bronx to South Brooklyn, neighborhood groups to global institutions, and each of urban tech’s six core subsectors.

Detroit Urban Solutions

CIV:LAB and TechTown Detroit are collaborating to launch Detroit Urban Solutions. By harnessing and leveraging local and global resources, CIV:LAB is working to bolster Detroit’s tech economy by creating connections in the urban technology ecosystem. CIV:LAB is grateful to its amazing partners convening in Detroit, which include the City of Detroit, Data Driven Detroit, Microsoft, Accenture and ATT.

The Urbantech Hub at Company
335 Madison, 4th Floor
New York, NY, 10173

The Urbantech Hub at Company — 335 Madison, 4th Floor — New York, NY, 10173